Disassemble and Assemble Test leads with Parrot Clip


The Parrot Clips are easy to disassemble and to assemble . This make easy to assemble and repair test leads and test probes with the Parrot Clip.

You have to insert a screwdriver in the back and to twist it.


Then the outer cover of the body can be pulled apart from the inner body which includes the hook-ended rod with the button , the spring and the metal tip with a metal end.



After you easily disassemble the Parrot Clips, the leads can be easily soldered to the metal end connected to the metal part.

Test leads with Parrot clips have a lower weight and this is an important advantage over the test leads with 2 hook clips.

The weight is even lower,  if the leads are connected by soldering , than in the case they are connected through a banana plug.

You have to assemble test leads after you repair them.