Parrot Tip & Hook Test Clip Invention

Reliable and precise measurements ?  The  Parrot Test Clip invention has this advantages  due to  the new METAL TIP, which performs the direct contact and the connection with the spring loaded steel hooked rod. The Metal tip is soldered, at the other end, to the flexible lead of the probe.
The Metal Tip makes the Parrot Clip the only hook test clip with metal  Tip & Hook and provides:
1) sharp, low resistance direct contact for Hands-ON measurements and
2) reliable, low resistance, double metal connection with the spring loaded steel hook, for Hands-FREE measurements.Test_Clip_Invention
Parrot Hook Test Clip Invention provides 8 major advantages toward the other test probes, test leads and hook test clips: alligator clip, one hook clip, two hooks clip, etc.
– Very good accessibility in narrow places –   1mm, 2mm , 3mm, 4  mm , tip sizes
– Low  resistance for direct point contact measurements (3mohm – 5mohm) – the measuring tip is soldered directly to the cable
– Low resistance for connection measurements  (3mohm – 5 mohm)- the measuring tip is soldered directly to the cable and makes connection together with the metal hook.
– High insulation (300V – 1000 V) IEC 61010 CAT III
– High current (5A – 25 A) – metal tip connected to the cable and the hook is also metal.
– Reliable mechanical connection – connection is made between the metal tip and the metal hook
– Reliable connection at high temperature – up to 90°C for the normal clips  –up to  160°C for the High temperature clips
– The Parrot Invent hook test clips can be used as pincers to place or to remove components

U.S.A. Patent 5,457,392 Gold Medal – Eureka World Fair of Invention Brussels :

More details on YouTube video : Parrot Invent Test Leads with test clip Invention