Parrot vs. Alligator Clips

Replace Alligator Clips with new Parrot Clips Invention

Test clips are  used as test probes, test leads, test clips for multimeters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers. The Parrot Gripper Clip invention, provides 3 major advantages even toward Mueller alligator clips, Fluke crocodile clips, one hook or two hooks Hirschman clips. 1) High Voltage Insulation – al over its body, up to the tip. Allows high voltage, hands on measurements .2) Low Point Contact Resistance due to the sharp metal tip. 3) Accessibility in narrow places.

Let’s look at the Parrot  vs. Alligator Clips Evaliuation :



High insulation – 1000V CAT III, according to IEC 1010-231.
Allows high voltage, hands on measurements

– Low voltage insulation – large part of the alligator clip is not covered by plastic insulation
– Clip-on connection can be detached by movement of the lead or its weight.

Low point contact, hands-on resistance = approximately 3 mohm (metal tip with sharp edges)
Low clip-on, hands-free connection resistance = approximately 3 mohm (made between two metal parts)

– Poor and uneasy point contact measurement – no tip avaiable for pointing
– Poor accessibility in small narrow places

Good accessibility, can be used in small, narrow places


– Plastic insulation is affecting easy gripping with the Alligator clip.

Can be used for placing or removing components
Light body, preventing detachment of the clip-on connection due to its weight

The alligator clip and the other one hook gripper clip, two hooks clip, etc. can’t be developed to meet new quality and reliability requested by users of the new multimeter, oscilloscope, voltmeter, DMM, ohmmeter, spectrum analyzer.
The Parrot™ Clip Models and Probes are made in different shapes and sizes. The Parrot Clip is the best solution for Fluke, Tektronix and other high quality or hobby equipments.