High Temperature Test Clip


  • High temperature HT Parrot Test Clips PCS-HT ,  can be efficiently used  at high temperature up to 160° Celsius. Plastic body is HT poly-amide.
  • High temperature HT Parrot Test Clips PCS-HT ,  can be  used in ovens being connected with the silicone cables.pcs high temperature
  • The  Parrot clips are high temperature gripping test clips for test leads and probes.  Parrot clips can replace with very good results :  one hook clips, insulated alligator clips, plastic coated miniature alligator clips, small crocodile clips or large alligator clips. The contacts are made between two metal parts, the metal tip and the hooked rod and only the body and the support of the clip are made of plastic.
    The tip, the hooked rod and the spring are housed in a plastic support. This plastic support is then hosed in a plastic body which is insulating the whole ensemble.
  • Standard Parrot Test Clips model PCX, PCM, PCS can be used at temperature up to 90° Celsius (can be ordered from our online store). Plastic body is made of ABS.
  • Parrot clips can also be used to connect them to terminals which are working at high temperatures. Terminal contact temperature can be higher than the 90° Celsius for the usual Parrot Clips and higher than 160° Celsius, for HT- Parrot Clips.
  •  PCS-HT models are soldered to silicon cable and you can have the High Temperature  Test Leads .
  •  The banana plugs are not necesarily made to resist at high temperatures, as thei are inserted in the normal temperature measuring equipment.