Kelvin Test Leads

Kelvin Test Probes, Kelvin Test Leads, based on the Parrot™ Clip Invention provide  reliable contacts and connections for the Sense and for the Current  leads .

Sense and current have  separate cables in a Parrot Kelvin test Leads set, and due to the small metal tips of the Parrot Clips , the tips can make reliable connections in very narrow places .

Parrot Kelvin Test Probes provide reliable, accurate, hands-free connection in narrow spaces, due to the small metal size of the tips of Parrot Clips. Alligator clips need large space to make connections. One hook clip, two hooks clip provides poor quality connections.

Evaluate the Parrot™ Clip Models PCM, PCS, PCX , and tip sizes W2,W3 , in order to find the best model for your application.

We recomand the PCM W2 Kelvin test leads  for 4 points measurments were small   terminals are available  (0,5 mm ; 1mm ; 2 mm ) Visit the The Parrot™ Clips Models page for more details about tip sizes, body design and electrical parameters.

Parrot Kelvin probes offer: a) Commodity to handle b) Reliable, low resistance, direct point, and hands-on measurements. The metal tip is directly soldered to the lead so the contact resistance is less than 5 mohm. c) The grip type, hands-of measurements can be done on various places and devices. The resistance of the grip type, hands-of measurements is also very low and doesn’t differ from the direct point, hands-on measurements.

The Parrot Test Probes are the best solution for bridges, LCR meters, Ohmmeter.


kelvin test probe

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