Multimeter Test Probes

 Multimeter Test Probes


  • Multimeter Test Probes, Voltmeter  test leads,with the Parrot™ Clip Invention provide precise,  HQ, accurate, reliable contacts and connections.
  • Parrot™ Clips with HQ leads and banana plugs or other connectors are the best solution for DDM, analog multimeter for high voltage measurements as well as for high current measurements.
  • Measurements with multimeter test probes require both:  Hands-on  direct point contact and grip on, Hands free removable connection. 
  • InventionNoveltymultimeter test lead
  • The PCX Parrot Clip is suitable for multimeter probes due to the:

a) High voltage insulation (1000 V Cat III according to IEC-1010-231)
b) Commodity to handle
c) Reliable, low resistance, direct point, and hands-on measurements. The metal tip is directly soldered to the lead so the contact resistance is less than 5 mohm.
d) The grip type, hands-of measurements can be done on various places and devices. The resistance of the grip type, hands-of measurements is also very low (3-5 mohms) and doesn’t differ from the direct point, hands-on measurements.
e) The connection, made between two metal parts: the metal tip and steel hooked rod, is electrical reliable, is mechanical reliable and also resistant at high temperatures (90° C, or special models 150° C)
f) Due to his construction solution the Parrot Clips are easy to assemble, disassemble and solder to the lead.

multimeter tester
multimeter tester Multimeter Probes with the PCM or the PCS-MB Parrot Clip cover other users demands like smaller body, smaller tip connection to smaller devices with the W1 tip. Different tip sizes cover most of the needs to connect on devices from SMD components to large devices.
Visit the The Parrot™ Clips Models page for more details about tip sizes, body design and electrical parameters.

Parrot™ Probes are the best solution for accurate, reliable contact and connections for Fluke, Keithley, Agilent, Tektronix and other high quality equipments. Parrot Clips are also a very good ad to Pomona , Mueler or other test leads

– One hook clip, two hooks clip provides poor quality direct point contact and poor connection at high temperatures.

– Alligator clips provide low insulation and poor accessibility to narrow places