OEM Test Leads

2PCM Parrot test jumper leads kelvin test probe







At your request , we can produce different test leads configurations with PCM, PCX, PCS Parrot Clips , silicone wire , banana plugs etc.

1) nickel plated metal tip – at your request we manufacture low contact resistance gripper test clips:
– gold plated tip
– silver plated tip

2) 5 A, 10 A, 15 A – at your request we manufacture high temperature gripper test clips:
– 10 A, 20 A, 25 A

3) temperatures: 90° Celsius – at your request we manufacturer high current gripper test clips:Desf3
– 160° Celsius.

  • The Parrot™ Clip Invention can be used in many applications and configurations. Some special configurations were already demanded by our customers as the Jumper Leads, cable with 2 PCM Parrot™ Clips.

Please ask for the configuration of leads and probes you want  and we will find the best solution and offer for you.