PCX Multimeter Test Leads Clip

PCX Parrot test leads test clip

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  • The PCX Parrot™ Clip is a Multimeter Test Leads Clip suitable for multimeter probes due to:

1) the 1000 V , or 600 V Cat III  voltage insulation according to IEC-61010-231.
2) commodity to handle, point and grip on various places and devices.
3) easiness to assemble, disassemble and solder to the lead.

      Available with tip sizes: W2 (2mm), W3 (3mm) and W4 (4mm)

PcxPcmPcs Test leads test clip

      • The PCX Parrot Clip model is aimed to be used mainly for multimeter test leads.
      • When is hand held, is a handy device giving comfort to the operator.
      • The PCX Parrot Clip model is effective for direct point, hands-on measurements.
      • It has a length of about 130 mm so that it points with the metal tip places rather crowded with electronic components.
      • The PCX provides also reliable hands-free connections.
      • Even that is rather long the PCX model is not heavy, and therefore the weight of the probe is not affecting and forcing the connection.