SMD Test Probes

pcm smd probeThe Parrot Clip, model PCM W1 or PCS-MB W1 invention can be connected to resistance’s, diodes, integrated circuits (SOIC, SO) etc
The advantage of the Parrot Clip is given by the double metal connection made between the new metal tip and the steel hooked rod, spring loaded. This connection, being made by metal parts is electrical and mechanical reliable, even if the contact point are small. Connections are resistant even at high temperatures.smd probe

Minimum distance between terminals on witch the Parrot PCM W1 clip can be connected is of 0,45 mm as the hook steel rod of the clip is 0,37 mm.


We can’t guarantee connection to all SMD components and circuit boards so we advise low quantity orders for evaluation, first.

SMD Test Probe and SMD Test Lead based on the Parrot™ Clip Invention provide  reliable connections on many SMD, with accurate contact for multimeters, spectrum analyzers, DMM, Voltmeters, test & measurement equipment.