Parrot vs. Two Hook Clips

Parrot Gripper Clip vs Two Hook Clip, Gripper, Grabber, mini gripper test leads and probes

  • Two hook gripper clips are often used at test probes, test leads for multimeters.
  • The Parrot Gripper Clip invention, provides 4 major advantages toward the two hook clip.
  • The advantages of the Parrot Clip are an outcome of the Invention’s Novelty: the METAL TIP.

– High insulation
– Reliable connection at high temperature
– Reliable mechanical connection
– Low point contact resistance

  • The one hook gripper clip, two hooks clip, etc. can’t be easy developed to meet new quality and reliability requested by users of the new multimeters, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, DMM, ohmmeters, spectrum analyzers.
  • The Parrot gripper clip with other shapes and sizes are the solution for Fluke, Hameg, and other high quality or hobby equipments.


pcx parrot clip
– High insulation – 1000V CAT III, according to IEC 1010-231.
– Light body, preventing detachment of the clip-on connection due to its weight.


varf parrot clip
– Low point contact, hands-on resistance = approximately 3 mohm (metal tip with sharp edges).
– Low clip-on, hands-free connection resistance = approximately 3 mohm (made between two metal parts).
– Reliable connection at high temperatures.
pcx parrot clip
– Can be used for placing or removing components.
– Poor accessibility in small narrow places.
– Plastic insulation is not allowing miniaturization of the plastic part of the one hook grip.
smd detaliu
– Good accessibility, can be used in small, narrow places


– Poor and uneasy point contact measurement
The Two Hook Clips does not have a metal tip to perform easy and precise direct , hands on measurements .

– Low voltage insulation – part of the Two hook clip is covered by a thin plastic insulation.

Also the insulation to the operator is low , at hands-on measurements when you keep the clip in hand.

The connection to the leads is made through a banana plug, worsening the insulation to the operator and rising the weight of the clip.

All the connections and contacts made with the Two Hook Clips are not made directly to the leads , but through a contact to the metal walls of the clip and then through a second contact with a banana plug.